Have you ever dreamed of flying over San Luis Obispo, the hills and beaches? Have you ever imagined being a pilot? Have you ever thought of a career in aviation?

The San Luis Obispo Chapter of The Ninety-Nines, an organization of women pilots, is inviting young women to experience the joy and thrill of flying a small airplane. We invite you to take an introductory flight with a certified flight instructor at one of the county’s flight schools at no cost to you. The opportunity is open to senior girls. All you need to do is write an essay on flight (you will also need your parents’ consent if you are under the age of 18). We will arrange for an instructor and put you in the pilot’s seat!

Women make up only 6% of private pilots and even a smaller percentage of professional pilots, and most young women have never thought about flying as even a possible option for themselves. The purpose of this project has been to introduce young women to the idea that they can fly an airplane, to provide a memorable moment that will stay with them throughout their lives and perhaps spark a life-long interest in flying, and to stimulate them to consider the possibility that they could be pilots and that a career in aviation is an option for them.

Each recipient will be assigned to a Ninety-Nine who will act as a mentor and arrange for the young woman to take an introductory flight with an instructor at one of the flight schools, act as a liaison, and provide information about flying. All of the operators at the airport are participating. We will try to evenly distribute the flights among all the operators.

At the completion of the flight, the girls will be given a folder with information about flight instruction in San Luis, AOPA, and The Ninety-Nines. When possible, photos will be taken for the girls as a souvenir and to share with the other The Ninety-Nines.

For more information about this or if you like your school to participate in this exciting venture contact us at the SLO 99s